For 20 small potato pancakes

Potato pancake canapés with salmon

Latvians are fond of potatoes. It is our national vegetable. This is a recipe for potato pancakes fried in golden rapeseed oil and served as canapés with salmon and Iecavnieks hemp butter.
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2 large or 4 medium
Lightly salted or cold-smoked salmon in slices
100 g
Iecavnieks rapeseed oil for frying
Green sprouts for garnish
Iecavnieks hemp butter
50 g
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
  1. Grate the potatoes using a coarse grater. Cut the salmon into smaller slices.
  2. Heat the rapeseed oil in a pan and form small patties from the grated potatoes. Fry until golden on one side, then turn over and fry that side too. Do not skimp on the oil.
  3. Add salt and pepper to the hot pancakes after removing them from the pan.
  4. Arrange the pancakes on a serving plate, top each with half a spoonful of hemp butter, then a piece of salmon and a few green sprouts for garnish. Can be served warm or cold.


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