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Rapeseed cake

As a by-product of our high-value oil production, we produce cake (cake is a product containing 30–34% crude protein, 9–15% fat as a result of the oil extraction process). Only oil mills that use the mechanical or cold pressing method produce cake.

Iecavnieks & Co Ltd offers its own produced rapeseed cake to livestock farms. One kilogram contains more than 6 NEL MJ/kg dry matter and more than 300 g/kg crude protein with a good balance of amino acids. Rapeseed cake enriches the fodder with the polyunsaturated fatty acids linoleic acid and linolenic acid. The high protein level and good amino acid balance make rapeseed processed products a complete source of protein.

Rape cake included in diets improves feed quality.

The moisture content of rapeseed cake should not exceed 10%, otherwise fat oxidation occurs, toxic moulds form and the undesirable enzyme myrosinase is activated.

In order to assess which species of animal should be fed rapeseed cake, it is advisable to consult an animal nutritionist and to draw up a fodder ration.

Average values in naturally moist product:
  • Total protein – 24–34%
  • Total fat – 10–15%
  • Moisture not more than 10%
  • Wood fibre – 8–15%

We offer rape cake in the following containers: 40 kg bags, 1 t BIG bags, dump unload.

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