Our laboratory tests the quality of cereal and oilseed seeds during the receiving, storage, unloading, drying and cleaning processes.

We also offer pre-delivery analysis of agricultural products.

Iecavnieks & Co Ltd is a member of the Latvian Grain Network. This guarantees our partners consistent accuracy and impartiality of analysis. The established quality indicators are in line with those of other network members.

The following analyses are carried out at Iecavnieks & Co Ltd:



  • EN ISO 24333 (cereals)
  • LVS EN ISO 542 (oil plants)

Determination of moisture


  • LVS 272 (cereals)
  • LVS EN ISO 665 (oil plants)
Equipment – Drying cabinet

Determination of quality indicators

Method: express

Measurable indicator Cereals

(wheat, barley, rye)


(oilseed rape)

Moisture X X
Oil content X
Protein X
Starch X
Gluten X
Zeleny index X
Equipment – Grain analyser Foss Infratec

Detection of impurities


  • LVS 271 (cereals)
  • LVS EN ISO 658 (oil plants)

Determining the falling number

Method: LVS EN ISO 3093

Equipment – Perten mill, Perten falling number determiner

Determination of bulk density

Method: LVS EN ISO 7971-3

Equipment – Pfeuffer volumetric mass meter

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