Pre-processing and storage

We conclude contracts for the pre-processing and storage of cereals

We offer contracts for the pre-processing and storage of cereals and oilseeds.

This service is available to businesses and farmers alike, so they can sell their produce at a time that suits them.

Over the years, we have developed and improved our grain receiving processes to get the machines back into the field as quickly as possible, which is particularly important at harvest time.

The company has a laboratory equipped with everything you need to accurately measure and monitor the quality of cereals, oilseeds and processed products.

Iecavnieks & Co Ltd is a member of the Latvian Grain Network. We guarantee our grain suppliers and partners the constant accuracy of the Infratec grain analyser and the objectivity of grain analysis.

If you are interested

Feel free to contact our team. We will help you and answer all your questions.
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